Around Noumea

​​May 31,2017

The Wiki Wiki train loading up for our tour

Our day started at the marina where we all gathered at 8.30 am for the Noumea City Tour, we were all herded into the Wiki Wiki train which took us on a two hour tour of Noumea. We covered all the surrounding areas and were shown the best night spots and restaurants, tapas bars etc. the scenery was breathtaking and gave all aboard a great experience covering the mainland of Noumea

The Wechecha Wechecha  dancers, entertaining us

Our first social evening was the “Bonjour Les Marins” (Hello Sailor) dinner with smashing entertainment by a great rock band and a special cultural show presented by the Wechecha performing music and dance group.

The place rocked and the view from the upstairs function Centre “Le bout du monde” over the marina was spectacular

A view overlooking the city of Noumea from one of our stops on the train trip

Over the next few days we became familiar with the city and managed to get a SIM card for our phone from the Post Office, most people spoke some English or were able to get someone who did. The Pastissarie was one of our favorite places, loading up with baguettes, they were delicious. We also found the supermarket (Casino) which had an amazing supply of everything including wines and champagne. The cheese section was frightening and the Pate’s were yum. The market was only a 100 metres from the marina and had a large supply of fresh fruit, vegetables, and a huge fish market. We sampled the green prawns a few times 2100 francs  ($30AUD) a kilo. Really getting the hang of the money here now.

Greg and Josie (our crew on the trip over to New Caledonia) at the Masquarade  farewell party

We took ourselves off to the Aquarium by taxi, 1000 francs ($12AUD) each way. Josie and Greg were still with us and we were trying to fit in as much as we could as they were flying back to Melbourne in a few days. It was awesome and they had a large section on nautilus shells originating from New Caledonia and The history of Dugongs and how they assimilate with mermaids. Apparently there are plenty of them around New Caledonia, Dugongs that is!


2 thoughts on “Around Noumea

  1. Debbie Cockle June 13, 2017 / 4:26 pm

    Glad your having a fabulous time


  2. suefinlow June 13, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    Wow, lots to do, beautiful scenery and crew. Blow some of the Sunshine our way please, even a few degrees will help the snap frosts in Ballarat.

    Sending our love to all,
    Sue, Paul, Alex, Chewy and Jack xxxxx


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